Bonding uses tooth-colored materials to correct chipped teeth, hide minor cosmeticdefects (such as discoloration), or even minor spacing irregularities. The materials used in the bonding procedure are called “composite resins” – these contain a mixture of plastic and glass, which adds strength and translucency. This material will actually bond, or become one, with the rest of the tooth. When bonding is done with a skilled hand and an artistic eye, it may be impossible to distinguish the bonded tooth from its neighbors.

Though bonding will not last as long as a porcelain veneer, it also does not require the involvement of a dental laboratory and, most often, can be done without having to drillyour teeth. As a result, cosmetic bonding can often be accomplished within a single visit – often taking no more than 30-60mins to complete in our office!

Here are a few examples of our patients’ results.

Worn Teeth, Bruxism before | aurora invisalign


  • Worn Teeth, Bruxism And Joint Problem

Worn Teeth, Bruxism after | aurora invisalign


  • Composite Build Up
  • Correcting Jaw Position

Worn Teeth and Gap before | aurora invisalign


  • Issues: Pigmented teeth, heavy discoloration
  • Treatment: Composite build-up, discoloration cover

Worn Teeth and Gap after| aurora invisalign


  • Treatment time: 1 single appointment

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