Gummy Smiles

Some teeth may appear too short or you may feel that too much of your gum tissue is showing. Though we each have our own definition of what makes a smile beautiful — including how much gum is too much — a smile will usually be perceived as “gummy” when 4 millimeters (just over an eighth of an inch) of gum tissue shows.

If your smile looks gummy to you, it’s important to figure out exactly what’s causing this. Only then can the appropriate cosmetic dental or periodontal (gum) procedures be recommended to give you a more pleasing appearance of the gums and teeth. Most gum remodeling techniques at our office can be completed within one appointment.

Below are examples of the successful results our patients have had.

gummy smile before | aurora dental service


  • Issues: Gummy smile, slanted teeth
  • Treatment: Gum reduction and teeth remodeling



  • Treatment time: Six weeks, total of 3 appointments

Gingival Recontouring before | aurora teeth whitening


  • Issue: Gummy smile
  • Treatment: Gingival recontouring

Gingival Recontouring after | aurora teeth whitening


  • Treatment time: 1 single appointment

Gum Remodeling before | aurora dental gum treatment


  • Issue: Gummy smile
  • Treatment: Gum remodeling

Gum Remodeling after | aurora dental gum treatment


  • Treatment time: 1 single appointment

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