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I am Dr. Mahnaz Mahmoodi and I am working as a Family Physician and GP Dermatologist in Newmarkert and Barrie area. Dr. Kermanshahi has been our family dentist since 2004. We have been so lucky to find such a knowledgeable, experienced , kind and considerate dentist. My family including my extended family absolutely trust Dr. Kermanshahi’s assessment and treatment plan. For example, when we moved to London Ontario for my work for almost 2 years, we commute to his office for any dental issues. I was suffering from teeth discoloration( yellow gray teeth) from taking Tetracycline during my childhood and since very young age, I realized in order to hide my teeth, I should prevent from smiling as much as possible or cover my mouth when I am laughing, it was a dream for me to have a beautiful smile. By Dr. Kermanshahi’s excellent talent and experience my dream came through and interestingly now my smile is becoming the most beautiful feature in my face. Dr. Kermanshahi is very confident that makes him very calm during all dental procedures that help us as his patients to feel very comfortable. Me and my family did all our dental work with him from simple dental fillings to root canal , implants and my cosmetic dental work . Dr. Kermanshahi has a great team of skilled and wonderful people in his office, from his office manager, Fay with great manners and pleasant smile to his wonderful dental hygienists. The other great experience that I had during these years of being his patient is that he knows when to refer and who to refer to. I remember one time my younger daughter had a milk teeth hidden in gum, I asked Dr. Kermanshahi to do the procedure himself but he told me that he would prefer to refer my daughter and I followed his recommendations. I am very thankful for all the dental work that Dr. Kermanshahi did for me and my family. I highly recommend Dr. Kermanshahi to everyone and I believe that he is the best. I really enjoy my smile and every time that I look in the mirror or look at my smile in photos, I highly appreciate Dr. kermanshahi’s expertise and his team that supported me during the process.
Dr. Kermanshah YOUR ARE THE BEST.
—Dr. Mahnaz Mahmoodi

My family and myself have been patients of Dr. Kerman-shahi for many years, we had moved away and tried other dentists but no one came close to being as thorough and excellent as Dr. Kerman-shahi. So sure enough we are back. He is highly skilled and the staff are phenomenal. It’s definitely worth the long drive, for quality and excellence.
—Eugenia Tang

To my favorite dentist, Dr. Kermanshahi, Thank you for your superb care and professional service.
Dr. Kermanshahi has been my dentist of choice for over 35 years and I am extremely delighted to see his new office established in a warm, friendly and state of the art setting on Church Street in Aurora. Over the years, he has managed many routine as well as more complicated dental cases for me and each time, I have been impressed with his knowledge and mastery of dentistry, professional conduct, integrity, workmanship and more importantly, how he has always placed patient care above and beyond everything else. He is truly a caring dentist and a real gentleman to deal with.
Dr. Kermanshahi’s great team of family and staff has been another reason why my visits have always been pleasant. They are all top of the line knowledgeable professionals, with outstanding level of service and patient care.

Dr. Kermanshahi will always be my dentist, and even though I live some distance to his new office, I will continue to see him for all my dental needs.
Thank you Dr. Kermanshahi for your great service, I wish you and your wonderful staff success in your new location.

I was very happy with my dentists because they all took very good care of me. I have had teeth problems but I just didn’t want to go the the dentist because I am very busy currently but they helped me a lot and I’m very relived. they were very organized and friendly that I called them kolbhe dostan which means small house of friends. 🙂

Growing up visiting the Dentist was the worst day of the week for me. I always had sensitive teeth and not a single Dentist was able to meet my sensitive standards so that I can stay comfortable and free of pain. Finding Dr Kermanshahi to me was like winning tge Lottery. I am really excited about having my teeth back in shape aw they really require extensive and usually painful work even with the use of anhesthetics. Thankfully to Dr. Kermanshahi I am finally able to enjoy my visit to the Dentist while it feels like Im in the comfort of my home and everyone is treating me like family. If youhave sensitive teeth like I do and despise going to the Dentist however you now need a gentle, understanding, experienced, professional and extremely thorough Dr who cares to make sure that You are pain free and comfortable? Then believe me this Dr. Is the one and only Dr.Kermanshahi. my mother has been going to him for some time now and I wish I would have listened to her sooner abouthow amazing this Dentist actuqlly is. In addition to being the best Dentist for me and anyone else who visits him he cares about the cost it may have and lays options for most inexpensive way should you require it. I am lucky to havefound my Dentist and am finally always smiling with the Teeth I have wanted which I got pain free. With the help of his Dental Assistant who is extremely helpful and thorough as well as the rest of staff my expwrience was an absolute delight. I recommend this clinic to all those sensitive folks out there who fear the visit to a Dentist. Thank You Dr Kermanshahi for taking care of me so beautifully. Thank You rest of staff.

I was very pleased and satisfied with the service and the work that was done on my teeth. The doctor and the staff are very professional and helpful. I would definitely recommend this doctor to my family and friends !
—H. Shalchi

I’ve had bad experience with a dentist in my youth and as a result I avoided dentist as long as I could. After 22 years of avoiding dentists one my tooth gave out and broke off. My sister suggested Dr Kermanshahi and I went to get help from him. I thought for sure he is gonna say root canal or extraction is needed. After ex- Ray and oral examination he said there is no need for root canal and the tooth can be saved, however ; it needs a crown. We proceeded with that and also he fixed some of my other teeth on later appointments.
Overal my experience was positive and I am so grateful for his professionalism , knowledge and level of care. He made me feel comfortable and explained all the procedures he was going to do before he attempts to do them.
His staff are professional, caring and helpful as well.
Thank you Dr Kermanshahi for being a great Dentist.

Nicest, honest, skillful and scholarly dentist. I had 2 bridges done 10 years ago and they have withstood the time beautifully!

I had my front teeth veneered by Dr. Kermanshahi over 10 years ago. They look very natural and suited to my face. I’ve been his patient ever since. He is one of the best Dr.’s I’ve ever had.

I have been Dr. Kermanshahi’s patient for a number of years. He supervised my Invisalign and certainly my case would have required corrective surgery otherwise. He is very well mannered, very knowledgable and runs a superb clinic. His staff are great too. I certainly would recommend him to friends and family.

Dr. Kermanshahi is honest, considerate, knowledgable and he respects the needs and concerns of his patients. My family has been going to this clinic for years now. Great staff, I highly recommend this clinic.

My family & I have been Dr. Kermanshahi’s patients for so many years. He is a very knowledgeable, kind and caring dentist. His staff at the practice are very helpful & courteous. Dr. Kermanshahi has done Invisalign for me and I’m very happy with the look of my teeth now. In general, I’ve had very satisfying experiences with him and I’d like to recommend him to those who are in need of a dentist.

A caring and knowledgeable dentist, very hospitable staff.

I Fixed my teeth on numerous occasions, and Dr. Kermanshahi is very good at that. I hope he will not retire any time soon, as I had bad experiences before having him!

It is almost 20 years from the date I met Dr. Kermanshahi for the first time and since, he is the only Dentist I see for my dental works. I have had bad experiences with many dentists but I always walk to his office with complete peace of mind. I am a very punctual person and as such I demand punctuality from the person I am dealing with. Dr. Kermanshahi never made me wait more than 5 Minutes and I really appreciate this quality at his office. He is very pleasant and explains every step he takes to patients and provides many options in your treatment plan. Staff turn over in many dental Clinics is high.This is another quality that makes me to go back to his office. His office manager is the same person for 20 year, two hygienists for more than 10 years, one since 6 years ago, and receptionist about 5 years. They must be happy working for so long at this office! We all know a happy employee will work well too. I do strongly recommend Dr. Kermanshahi to my family, friends and you.

My family and I have been a long-time patients of Dr. Kermanshahi. He and his staff are extremely friendly, professional and competent. Dr. Kermanshahi always takes his time to explain fully every procedure he is about to perform. Through out last 25 years in which I’ve been Dr. Kermanshahi’s patient, I have seen first hand how perfectionist he always has been in treating his patients, whether the treatment involved simple fillings, root canal, fixing a crown, tooth extraction or implant. I do strongly recommend Dr. Kermanshahi to anyone who is seeking for a great dentist.
Shahryar Rastan

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